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At Rainbow Forge we aim to offer our children many different writing opportunities through as many real life experiences as possible. We take children out on visits to inspire their writing. Some writing will be inspired by theme work, and much of the fiction writing we do is inspired by our whole class text, which we study in reciprocal reading lessons (see below). Children learn to write for multiple purposes while they are with us, and we work with them to ensure that all can structure the content of their writing correctly, as well as punctuate their work properly.


In school we use a reading system, Oxford Reading Tree, where children are assigned a book band according to their reading ability. Children read in school through daily guided reading or reciprocal reading lessons. In EYFS, KS1 and KS2, guided reading happens daily, where the teacher works with a small group and the rest of the class carries out other reading activities. This continues for the week, to allow the teacher to work with every group in their class. In KS2, we alternate between guided readings for a half term, and then reciprocal reading. Reciprocal reading is a whole class lesson, where the whole class studies a text which will be analysed in detail. This will then tie in to their writing work (see above.) KS1 classes carry our reciprocal reading lessons additionally to guided reading sessions.

To fully support your child's learning in reading you could listen to them read daily. Your child should bring a reading book home which is colour banded. This means it has been selected as being the right level for your child.


All children in foundation and Key Stage One receive daily phonics teaching (Letters and Sounds) to help support their reading and writing. As children move into Key Stage 2 they will receive phonics teaching if needed or move onto a spelling programme. If you would like further information on the teaching of phonics then please look out for Mrs Beckett-Singh’s workshops which she runs each year.


SPAG stands for Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar and children are now tested on this at the end of KS2. As well as teaching SPAG sessions we ensure that the teaching of these skills is embedded into all areas of the children's learning, including their reading and writing lessons.




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Practice Spelling!

You can do the old stand-by and write your words on a piece of paper but sometimes it gets a little boring and children often still forget the words they've learnt. 

Make spelling more exciting and increase the chances of them remembering the spellings by...

Play Dough Words - use play dough to form letters to spell out each word.

Pipe Cleaner Words - use pipe cleaners and bend and form to make letters used to write out the words.

Paint It! - use a paintbrush and paint to spell wor

Finger Paint - let them get messy and have some sensory fun and finger paint  to spell their words

Chalk  - go outside and spell your words using outdoor chalk. Just taking the spelling practice outside makes it more fun for kids.

Shaving Cream - This is another fun sensory experience. Make a thin layer of shaving cream on a tray and use a paintbrush or better yet a fingertip to spell out the words. Have some napkins on hand

Letter Tiles - spell words using letter tiles

Build a Word with Legos - using some tape write the letters needed for each word ahead of time on some legos. Mix them up and then call out a word and have child(ren) build it using the appropriate legos and you will end up with some spelling word towers

Bathtub Paint - Still feeling adventurous? Use bathtub paint and write or paint words onto your shower door, tub or tiled wall. It washes out!


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