All parents should aim for 100% attendance for their child. There is a direct link between children’s attendance and how well achieve in school, both in lessons and in their friendships and social skills.


If your child is unable to attend school, or will be late due to an appointment, please call the office in the morning. On return to school, please bring evidence (e.g. appointment cards, medical letter) to the office.

First day calling

If you have been unable to inform us of absence, we will call you in the morning. This is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our pupils and ensure accurate record keeping.


Please ensure you take your children on holiday during the school holidays to give your child the best education possible. Please notify of holidays in advance by completing a form from the office, only truly exceptional circumstances will be authorized by the Head teacher. Rainbow Forge supports the local authority in fining parents who take their children on holiday in term time.

To encourage 100% attendance school will:

Whole school breakfast – Each morning all the children in school are offered a free healthy breakfast. This encourages the children to come to school (and on time) and creates a positive, nurturing environment in the classroom whilst ensuring the children are well fed and ready to learn.

Full House – Each class has a full house poster that they proudly display on their classroom door if all the children attend that day. They then reveal a letter in a hangman phrase on their IWB eg good attendance, or all here. When they complete the phrase, the children get an agreed small treat such as 5 minutes extra playtime. Parents are informed of this through the class story on Class Dojo.

Surprise Day – New for 2019 – 2020.On random unannounced days everybody who is at school on that day will receive a treat such as extra playtime, a movie afternoon etc.

Attendance Postcards – These are sent out to families to praise good attendance each term. They can be received for 100% attendance or improved attendance.

Teacher call – When children are absent from school, the class teacher calls at the end of the day to ask how the child is and discuss their return to school and how they can catch up on missed work. When this is effective it reduces absence to one day.

Family support – We work closely with families to ensure they are supported when facing challenging circumstances. Please book an appointment with Mrs Sneddon if you have concerns about your child’s attendance or punctuality.