Music at Rainbow

At Rainbow we believe that Music offers our children an opportunity to develop in many different ways.

In our youngest children it helps to develop the left side of the brain which is used for language and reasoning. It also helps with the development of spatial intelligence – the ability to mentally visualise and manipulate images.

It gives our children an insight into other cultures and periods of history and promotes their creativity and problem solving skills.

It gives our children an opportunity for self expression, fosters confidence, and encourages teamwork and communication.

Through learning musical instruments our children learn resilience and take risks through performing to audiences.

During their time at Rainbow the children have many opportunities to perform on the stage during musical events, play performances and musical recitals.

The children learn to play three instruments – the glockenspiel in Y1/2, recorder in Y3/4 and Uekele in Y5/6.

We ensure they attend concerts both in and out of school. Through our own specially constructed website, they listen to a variety of music in class each mornign and share their reflections with Mrs Ede.

To enable us to achieve this high level of expectation we have a specialist music teacher, Mrs Ede, a specialist in the Kodaly approach. She teaches children from Reception to Year 6 and oversees the curriculum in the Nursery provision.

Our hall is our Music Studio and we are lucky enough to have a stage with a fantastic lighting and sound rig which we regularly use.

In addition to music in the curriculum, the youngest children have the opportunity to explore different instruments through our Music Makers after school club, deepen their guitar and uekele skills at the Strings Club and practise singing through our Rainbow Choir.

Our choir performs outside of school regularly at the Cathedral, the Montgomery Theatre and other venues around the city, they even performed at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham as part of the Music for Youth competition.