Anti Bullying Ambassadors

What is our role?

  • Our role is to identify bullying behaviours in school and support anyone who feels unhappy. ​
  • To promote the anti-bullying message through leading assemblies and campaigns across school.​

What is bullying Behaviour?

  • Repeatednegative behaviour that is intended to make others feel upset, uncomfortable or unsafe.​​This could be:
  • Verbal – Repeatedly saying something mean to upset someone.​
  • Indirect – Repeatedly using actions behind someone’s back or not directly to their face to upset them.​
  • Physical – Repeatedly using body contact to upset, hurt or humiliate someone.​

 How do we help?

  • You will spot us on the yard in our yellow lanyards.
  • Children can ask us for support, or we might spot someone in need and ask if they are OK.
  • We can then tell an adult where help is needed.
  • We lead campaigns in school to spread awareness

Anti Bullying Week Autumn 2023

The team led assemblies with each phase during antibullying week.

Autism Acceptance Day Spring 2023

On March 31st we led an Autism Acceptance day in school.

We visited each classroom and led a session like this…

We asked each phase to come dressed in different colours and we created a whole school spectrum!

Antibullying Assembly Autumn 2022

On October 3rd we led the school in the ’22 Big Antibullying Assembly’ as part of the Diana Award. We asked each class to join in the virtual assembly that all schools across the country watched on the same day. We then spoke to each class to remind them about our role and how we can help.