Yoga and Mindfulness

At Rainbow Forge, Yoga and Mindfulness lessons are taught weekly to children in years 1-6. Lessons are taught by Mrs Inkson who is a qualified Children’s Yoga Teacher. We follow the Shaping Healthy Minds programme. The programme follows a clear path of progression which introduces children to the practice of Yoga & Mindfulness and develops their skills in this field. In order to embed these skills the children will have regular opportunities to use them in their classroom and throughout the school day. Mrs Inkson works closely with the Mental Health Ambassadors to support them in delivering specific breathing techniques that can be used with their whole class or individuals.

Our Curriculum Programme has been designed to:

  • Provide a non-threatening, gentle method to increase physical fitness and enhance health, well-being and emotional resilience
  • Address stress and anxiety
  • Place emphasis on individual abilities rather than competition.

Each half term, every year group will cover an exciting and stimulating unit. The poses and activities in each lesson are linked to the theme of each unit.

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Further information about the ‘Shaping Healthy Minds’ programme can be found on their website: