Art at Rainbow

At Rainbow we believe that art education offers our children unique creative opportunities and wide cultural knowledge.

Art and design inspires personal expression, promotes imaginative risk taking, and fosters creative and critical thinking. It also helps our children to be more inquisitive, persistent, imaginative, and collaborative.

To ensure our children receive the best possible art and design education we have a specialist teacher on our team. Mrs Sykes, teaches Art and Design & Technology to all of the children in Reception – Year 6 and oversees the curriculum in the Nursery provision.

We have a dedicated Art studio where the children are immersed in their learning, ensuring they have the space and resources to master a variety of skills and experiment with different media.

After school children can join ‘Express Yourself’ and ‘A Stitch in Time’ clubs to explore and develop their skills even further.

Children regularly enter competitions and we have even hosted our own exhibition at the local shopping centre.