Pupil Parliament

Introducing our chair committee.

Ava and Harry: Chair the meetings

Immarni and Jackson: Communicate actions to the rest of the school.

Ella and Ellie: Secretaries who write the minutes 

Children in every class children who wanted to be members of parliament organised their own campaigns. They placed posters around school and wrote speeches before the class voted. Votes were independently counted and verified and the child with the most votes from each year group per class were elected.

Class circle times are held every 3 weeks, chaired by the class MPs. The children discuss issues they would like to see change and democratically decide which issue the MPs will raise in full parliament meetings. The circle time also allows space for classroom issues to be discussed and solved.

Full parliament meetings are organised, chaired and minuted by the chair committee. We listen to each other and vote on all important decisions.

Some of the changes we have made so far are:

  • Changing our dinner times – we can collect our own food
  • Changing the equipment for the yard
  • Opening the trim trail for breaks

Mrs Sneddon is in the UK Parliament Teacher Network. We have had a visit from Gillian who works in parliament, she told us all about the houses of parliament and  lords and how laws are made.

Our Top Ten

At the end of the Autumn term. we asked all the children in school to vote on their Top Ten favourite things about our school. This is what they said!