Young Carers

At Rainbow Forge Primary Academy we believe all young people have a right to an education,

At Rainbow Forge we work in partnership with Sheffield Young Carers to identify and support Young Carers in our school.

A young carer is a child or young person who provides substantial unpaid care for a relative who has disabilities, long-term physical illnesses, mental health difficulties and/or drug or alcohol issues.

We believe it’s the right of every young carer to be recognised in their role and have the same opportunities as other children and young people of a similar age.

How we support our Young Carers:

• We have a dedicated member of staff (Mrs Inkson) with special responsibility for Young Carers. Mrs Inkson also leads a peer support group in school for children that have been identified as Young Carers. This provides an opportunity for these pupils to meet other Young Carers in a relaxed, informal way.

• We provide training and information to staff members on how to identify young carers and signpost them to the relevant support.

• We proactively identify young carers and raise awareness of the issues they face as well as the support that is available (for example during assemblies, PSHE lessons)

• We makes referrals to Sheffield Young Carers where appropriate and with the family and young person’s permission.

• We frequently have visits from Sheffield Young Carers to work with pupils referred for support so they can meet in a safe setting for 1:1 support sessions.

• We will consider alternatives if a young carer is unable to attend extra-curricular activities due to their caring role.

• We will seek to provide alternatives if a young carer is unable to attend school because of their caring commitment.

• We will allow young carers access to their mobiles to contact home during breaks and lunchtimes.

• We do not make assumptions about family members with disabilities, mental and physical health conditions or substance misuse issues, or label young people and their families

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