‘Mathematics is the music of reason’

James Joseph Sylvester

Maths at Rainbow: 

We believe that all children can achieve in Maths. Our Maths curriculum is designed with the intent that each child experiences a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum that fosters a positive, ‘can do’ attitude and confidence in ability.

We aim to provide children with a high-quality maths education that allows children become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics through daily practice to ensure fluency of number facts.

We aim for children to be able to reason mathematically and solve problems by ensuring problem solving is embedded in every lesson and variation of questions are used to enable children to apply their knowledge to different situations.

We aim to build through concepts to allow children to make rich connections across mathematical ideas to develop fluency, which are encouraged through variation and depth of questions. Children will be encouraged to apply these to a variety of real-life situations so that children develop an appreciation of the importance of Maths to daily life.

At Rainbow Forge Primary, we aim to teach Maths in a way that: 

  • creates a lively, exciting and stimulating environment in which the children can learn Maths 
  • promotes high standards in number sense and a range of other mathematical skills which can be applied with confidence and understanding when solving problems  
  • gives opportunities to apply mathematical learning in everyday situations and enable children to use and apply their knowledge in the world outside. 
  • ensures children /can calculate accurately and efficiently, both mentally and with pencil and paper, drawing on a range of calculation strategies, representations and understanding of the required concepts and procedures.
  • encourages children to use mathematical vocabulary to reason and explain and to judge whether their answers are reasonable and have strategies for checking them. 
  • allows time for partner talk in order to stimulate and develop a curiosity for Maths. 
  • challenges children to stretch themselves and take risks in their learning 
  • creates a sense of awe and wonder surrounding Maths and to be inspired to appreciate the mathematics of other cultures 
  • ensures children are secure in their understanding of number and number relationships – have a sense of the size of a number and where it fits in the number system and know by heart number facts such as number bonds, multiplication facts, doubles, and halves. 
  • provides children with the opportunity for low entry-high ceiling challenges encouraging children to go deeper with their thinking.

TT Rockstars:

To help use remember our times tables facts, each child has been given a log in for Times Tables Rockstars. The more your practise the more coins you can earn to upgrade your Rockstar and your instruments. Challenge your teachers to see who truly knows their tables more. Over the year, look out for information on Class Dojo about Battle of the Bands and the League of Legends. Make sure you are practising regularly to ensure that you come out on top!

Ways you can help:

Encourage your children to practise their Maths skills regularly. Ask them to add together the cost of items at the shop, read the time for you when you need it, find numbers and shapes while out an about. Below are some sites that have activities, games and further information about Maths in school:

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