Curriculum Newsletters

Curriculum Newsletter give you lots of information about what the children will be learning in school. They also include information about visits and ways that you can support and extend children’s learning at home.

Autumn 2023

Pre Nursery
Y1/2 Autumn 1
Y3/4 Autumn 1
Y5/6 Autumn 1
Y1/2 Autumn 2
Y3/4 Autumn 2
Y5/6 Autumn 2

Half termly Newsletters 2023 – 24

Autumn 1 Reading Newsletter
Autumn 2 Safeguarding Newsletter

Summer 2023

Summer Pre Nursery Newsletter
Summer Nursery Newsletter
Summer Reception Newsletter
Summer 1 Y1/2 Newsletter
Summer 1 Y3/4 Newsletter
Summer 1 Y5/6 Newsletter
Summer 2 Y1/2 Newsletter
Summer 2 Y3/4 Newsletter
Summer 2 Y5/6 Newsletter

Spring 2023

Spring Pre Nursery Newsletter
Spring Nursery Newsletter
Spring Reception Newsletter
Spring 1 Y1/2 Newsletter
Spring 1 Y3/4 Newsletter
Spring 1 Y5/6 Newsletter
Spring 2 Y1/2 Newsletter
Spring 2 Y3/4 Newsletter
Spring 2 Y5/6 Newsletter

Autumn 22

Autumn Pre Nursery Newsletter
Autumn Nursery Newsletter
Autumn Reception Newsletter
Autumn 1 Y1/2 Newsletter
Autumn 1 Y3/4 Newsletter
Autumn 1 Y5/6 Newsletter
Autumn 2 Y1/2 Newsletter
Autumn 2 Y3/4 Newsletter
Autumn 2 Y5/6 Newsletter

Half termly Newsletters 2022 – 23

Autumn 1 Reading Newsletter
Autumn 1 Headteacher Newsletter
Autumn Attendance Newsletter
Autumn Safeguarding Newsletter
Autumn Behaviour Newsletter
Autumn 2 Headteacher Newsletter
Autumn 2 Reading Newsletter
Spring 1 Headteacher Newsletter
Spring 1 Reading Newsletter
Spring Safeguarding Newsletter
Spring 2 Headteacher Newsletter
Summer 1 Headteacher Newsletter
Summer Safeguarding Newsletter