KS1 Bedtime Stories

Watch out Big Bro’s Coming! – https://video.link/w/UowK

Bill’s Belly Button – https://video.link/w/5pwK

Billy’s Beetle – https://video.link/w/hqwK

The bear that went boo – https://video.link/w/wI6M

Elmer and Grandpa Eldo – https://video.link/w/KI6M

Underpants Wonderpants – https://video.link/w/fJ6M

What the ladybird heard on holiday – https://video.link/w/7J6M

The Little Red Hen – https://video.link/w/YOKD

The Zoo Vet – https://video.link/w/8et

The cautious caterpillar – https://video.link/w/CG7E

The Messy Magpie – https://video.link/w/FEKD

How the elephant got his trunk – https://video.link/w/4wME

There’s an alien in my house – https://video.link/w/dpqB

A Magical Muddle – https://video.link/w/w9qB

Thato’s birthday surprise – https://video.link/w/fUqB

 Jack and the Beanstalk – https://video.link/w/DDpC

Back to Earth with a bump – https://video.link/w/vdo8

Three Little Pigs – https://video.link/w/Px49

Voices in the park – https://video.link/w/ZenA

Don’t hog the hedge – https://video.link/w/10FB

Albert the albatross! - https://video.link/w/alrB

The runaway penguin – https://video.link/w/zWrG

Monsters surprise – https://video.link/w/gXrG

Give me a hug! – https://video.link/w/yH9I

Lost and Found – https://video.link/w/YH9I

Spinderella – https://video.link/w/7M9I

Hansel and Gretel – https://video.link/w/WQMI

The Best Dress Ever – https://video.link/w/ZRMI

Little acorn – https://video.link/w/jYdJ

Hide-a-saurus – https://video.link/w/EfeJ

Jake’s first day – https://video.link/w/O7dJ

Some Dogs do – https://video.link/w/gwCH

Knights and Dragons Unite – https://video.link/w/RvdJ

Carrot club – https://video.link/w/iFdJ

Fe fi fo fum – https://video.link/w/3qCH

Willy the Champ – https://video.link/w/UHpJ

 I want a unicorn! – https://video.link/w/QL3J

Can you do this? – https://video.link/w/1O3J

In it together – https://video.link/w/J61K

Starry-Eyed Stan – https://video.link/w/UC1K